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Do not be discouraged if you rarely get it exactly right. The most important thing is that you estimate the general area where the touch will occur. The second option requires more thought and time, but the potential reward is greater. Again, either option is fine provided that you choose a style and stick with it. We now understand where our entry, stop loss and target prices should be located. Just to be clear, the top dotted line is the target, the middle dotted line is the entry and the bottom dotted line is the stop loss.

We have gone with the first stop loss option, placing it just below the previous level of support as opposed to the previous touch on the channel line. We have also gone with the first option for taking profit, placing the target where the price action reaches the previous touch of the top channel line as opposed to waiting for it to reach the top channel line itself.

The dotted line is the target price where we exited the trade profitably. As you can see, the price action actually bounced all the way up to the top line of the channel. Remember that we want to trade in the standard zone. The dotted lines in Figure 2. The higher dotted line is the stop loss while the lower dotted line is the target.

If we get our entry signal, we can calmly enter knowing that we have done our analysis and are in complete control. We now have a short position on this currency pair.

The dotted line is the original target price which was set before the trade triggered. As I said earlier, there is nothing wrong with that. It is rare to estimate perfectly when the price will hit the channel. An alternative would have been to wait and manually take profit the moment that the price action hit the bottom channel line.

The advantage of doing so would have been that we would have collected more pips and therefore more money. The disadvantage to taking profit manually, however, is the necessity of being present at the trading screen when the touch occurs. This means that an order can not be set to automatically exit the trade. Either way, this was a well planned and profitable channel trade.

Trading the channel bounce strategy consistently on currency pairs that we are familiar with is a very good way to generate considerable, long-term trading profit. Channel break strategy The purpose of the channel break strategy is similar to that of the channel bounce strategy but it goes about it in a slightly different way. Both strategies aim to capture profit on the price movement from one side of the channel to the other.

As we go through the entries and exits of the channel break strategy, you will see that this strategy is more aggressive than the channel bounce strategy in some ways, yet more cautious in others. Entry The first step in trading the channel break strategy is to determine the direction of the major channel.

This is important as it reveals the type of trade we are considering — long or short. And notice the presence of a disagreeing minor channel here - a required feature of the channel break strategy. Next, we must break the major channel down into its three projected zones.

These should be fairly familiar by now, but just to be sure Figure 2. It is interesting to note that if we broke down the three zones of the disagreeing minor channel the breakdown zone of the minor channel would overlap with the standard zone of the major channel.

This is the result of the strength of the major channel overcoming the strength of the disagreeing minor channel.

There are two criteria for the setup of this strategy. First, the top line of the major channel must be touched by a candlestick located in the disagreeing minor channel. Second, a candlestick either the same candlestick that touched the top of the channel line or a subsequent candlestick must breakout of the bottom of the disagreeing channel and close there.

The dotted line represents our short entry price as the break candlestick has closed in the breakdown zone of the disagreeing minor channel. This is also the standard zone of the major channel. In summary, the six steps of entering a channel break trade are: Determine the direction of the major channel — up or down. Label the projected zones of the major channel.

Identify a disagreeing minor channel. Wait for the price action within the disagreeing minor channel to touch the major channel.

If the major channel is up, then it must touch the bottom of the channel. If the major channel is down, it must touch the top. This is the touch candlestick. Wait for the price action to simultaneously enter the breakdown zone of the disagreeing minor channel and standard zone of the major channel.

This is the break candlestick. Enter as soon as the break candlestick closes. The entry for the channel break strategy has two extra steps than the channel bounce strategy. This is because the entry is less aggressive than the channel bounce strategy. As a result, stop loss management in a channel break trade can be more aggressive. Exit — Risk As this is a short trade, the stop loss for the channel break strategy is located 5 pips above the touch bar.

The dotted line in Figure 2. We will continue to look at the magnified image for the moment. This is alright as the entry is much more conservative. Exit — Target The methods of targeting this trade are identical to those used in the channel bounce strategy. You can either target the price of the last touch on the opposite channel or take profit as the price action runs into the opposite channel line. The latter option requires us to make an initial estimate about where this will happen, meaning that we have to stay at the computer and exit the trade manually.

Taking profit at the previous touch of the opposite channel line, however, allows us to place an order that will automatically close the trade down. You must recognise, however, that the price action will not always make it to the next channel line.

The most important point is that, regardless of the target option, the trade was profitable. We have just gone through the use of the channel break strategy in a trade with a downward pointing channel. In the next example, we will look at a long trade in an upward pointing channel.

Second, we break down the three zones of the major channel, as illustrated in Figure 2. We have highlighted the disagreeing minor channel. The touch candlestick has formed in the disagreeing minor channel, indicating that a long trade is imminent. We now wait for the break candlestick to occur in the standard zone of the major channel.

Image 2. You will collect less profit, but the price action is more likely to hit your target. We have also explored the messages that each type of channel gives and how these channels naturally create useful zones which bring clarity to our trading experience. Most importantly, we have learned how to execute profitable trades by drawing a few simple channels.

Key 3. Fibonacci Retracement Levels In this chapter, we are going to look at the Fibonacci number sequence and how we can apply it to our charts to identify key turning points in the price action.

It would be very easy to get caught up in the interesting, but unnecessary, facts about the unique characteristics of the Fibonacci number sequence. We will avoid that. Instead, I will remark that, while the Fibonacci number sequence can be used in several ways, we are going to focus only on its retracement aspect. These retracement levels are significant because the price action responds to them and so we must make sure that these levels are marked on our charts.

Without the knowledge of these levels certain movements of the price action will seem random and confusing. They explain why the price action has behaved in a specific way, bringing further certainty and clarity to the trading experience. Fibonacci retracement level characteristics The 5 main Fibonacci retracement levels are: These levels create support and resistance levels which are otherwise hidden unless they are drawn on the chart.

From the swing high For example, if the price subsequently moved up to This level is there to allow us to see the low of the original down swing. Figure 3. This is partly because these two levels look like standard trending levels. In other words, they are the levels most people would naturally use if asked to draw what a trend looks like. We will revisit these retracement levels later in this chapter when we look at the Fibonacci bounce and break strategies.

For now, you should just be aware that these levels regularly cause a reaction in the price action. Fibonacci types As far as the time frame aspect of Fibonacci retracement levels are concerned, they can be broken down into two types: major and minor Fibonacci. In this section we define these two types and discuss how to use them to get the full Fibonacci perspective on any currency pair. Major Fibonacci Major Fibonacci is referring to Fibonacci retracements that occur on either the daily or the 4 hour charts.

A principle of Fibonacci retracement is that the larger the time frame the greater the significance. Therefore, the Fibonacci retracement levels found on a daily chart would take precedence over those on a 4 hour chart, a 4 hour chart would take precedence over those found on a 1 hour chart and so on. Larger time frames affect trading decisions on smaller time frames more than the smaller time frames affect trading decisions on larger time frames.

The reason for this is simple. Larger time frames are seen by more traders. For instance, a large percentage of foreign exchange traders look at the daily chart for each of the currency pairs that they trade. This is because the daily chart represents the broadest view of what the price action is doing and as traders, we want to trade using levels which the institutional traders, such as banks and hedge funds, are using, because they are the ones who move the market.

Of course, one can regard Fibonacci levels as nothing more than self-fulfilling prophecies - traders expect the price action to react to the Fibonacci levels, and so make trading decisions based on the Fibonacci levels, which in turn causes the price to react to the Fibonacci levels. It is common for traders to specialize in a specific currency pair. In determining our major Fibonacci levels, we would be interested in the Fibonacci retracement levels on both the daily and 4 hour charts, examples of which follow.

It is important to look at the Fibonacci retracement levels on both of these charts. If you consider only one without the other, your major Fibonacci analysis will be incomplete. The chart in Figure 3. The upward swing measured in this example is from mid-January to mid-January In this example, the upward swing is almost exactly one year, although the specific length of the swing is not a significant factor.

Sometimes the swing we choose to measure on the daily chart will be longer than a year, sometimes it will be much shorter. Remember, you want to be looking at what the institutional traders are looking at - the more obvious the swing, the better.

You can see how the Fibonacci levels will be useful in the future to determine potential levels of support and resistance. The swing here is between the end of October and the beginning of January You can see the resemblance of this period of time on the daily chart. Had we not drawn in these Fibonacci retracement levels, the support and resistance would have been hidden from us.

Figures 3. Later in the chapter we will explore the significance of stacked Fibonacci levels occurring on different time frames. Minor Fibonacci Minor Fibonacci refers to Fibonacci retracement levels drawn on time frames of less than 4 hours. We call them minor because their influence over the daily and 4 hour charts, or the major Fibonacci charts, are very small.

The usual time frames for minor Fibonacci levels are the 1 hour, 30 minute, 15 minute or 5 minute charts. It is not essential to consider all of these time frames. Choosing two of them to get comfortable with is sufficient for minor Fibonacci analysis. The downward swing measured in this example is from the middle to the end of December There is no rule about which time period you should measure when it comes to Fibonacci retracement levels — major or minor.

The important thing is to measure the most obvious swing. This increases the chance of plotting the retracement levels of a market movement which other traders are also studying. The Fibonacci levels provide us with key levels of support and resistance, when this happens, bringing clarity to our charts.

You can see in Jan , the price hit 1. The swing we will measure, as it is the most obvious on the chart, took place from the early morning of January 10th to late at night on January 12th The best way to get a complete Fibonacci perspective is to analyse both the major and minor Fibonacci levels.

As you can see from this example, there are times when the swings that you measure disagree with different time frames. There is also disagreement between the time frames in the minor Fibonacci. The Fibonacci retracement levels are plotted against the downward swing on the 1 hour chart, while the 15 minute chart plots the levels against an upward swing.

These disagreements are not problematic and happen often. Our main concern is simply to expose hidden support and resistance levels. In the next section, we will look at what it means when Fibonacci levels overlap each other. Overlapping Fibonacci levels Overlapping Fibonacci levels are points on a chart where Fibonacci levels from different time frames, or from different swings in the same time frame, overlap each other.

When Fibonacci levels overlap, we consider them to be more reliable than non-overlapping Fibonacci levels. Think of the principle that we have spoken about. Fibonacci is primarily a self-fulfilling prophecy. Therefore, the more traders who are trading off certain levels, the more that the price action will react to those levels.

By looking at an overlapping level, you may be trading off a level which two separate groups of institutional traders are also using. Regardless of which specific Fibonacci setup either group of traders looks at, the level is likely to be important because of the number of traders who are using it to trade.

These overlapping Fibonacci levels can, therefore, be used to identify key intraday and end of day support and resistance levels. The best way to gain an understanding of overlapping Fibonacci levels is to see them on a chart. The high and low of our chosen downward swing is circled and the relevant Fibonacci level, the As in the daily chart, the high and low of the chosen swing is circled and the relevant Fibonacci level has a rectangle drawn around it. This is just 1 pip different than the While they are not exactly the same, it is acceptable to a difference of 10 or fewer pips to be overlapping.

Having said that, the smaller the gap between overlapping Fibonacci levels the better, especially on larger time frames. The price from the higher time frame is always the most important, so we now know that The fact that two Fibonacci retracement levels, drawn from different swings on different charts overlap, tells us that there is likely to be a large number of traders, both private and institutional, who will be expecting either a strong break through or an equally strong bounce off of this level.

The question is which is more likely to happen? The answer is found in the price action. It is clear from both charts, but especially from the 4 hour chart, that the general flow of the price action is down. We can see on the 4 hour chart that the peaks and the troughs are getting lower. Based on this, we would anticipate a bounce off of this level as opposed to a break up through it.

Specific break and bounce strategies will be defined in great detail towards the end of this chapter, but there is a very simple trading opportunity I can mention here. If you see an overlapping Fibonacci price level with both of the swings being measured as down, and the price action is making lower peaks and lower troughs as it is in this example, you can enter a sell trade at this overlapping Fibonacci level.

You can use the first Fibonacci level above the overlapping level on the daily chart as your stop loss price and the first Fibonacci level below the overlapping level on the daily chart as your take profit price. Alternatively, you can use the levels above and below your entry level on the 4 hour chart as your stop loss and target prices.

The chart you choose to use depends on how long you would like to be in the trade. If you are happy to trade on a longer term basis, you would use the daily chart.

If you want to get results more quickly, you would use the levels on the 4 hour chart. Remember, we are going to go through specific bounce and break strategies later in the chapter.

This is just a simple way to use overlapping Fibonacci levels to time your entry and exit into the market. You can see from this image that the price action comes to a standstill at the overlapping Fibonacci level before bouncing back down several pips below the next Fibonacci level. As in the previous example, the low and high of the swing is circled. The The price of that level is 1. In Figure 3. We therefore expect the price action to bounce strongly off of this level, or break through this level with equal strength.

Considering that both the peaks and the troughs of the price action are getting higher and that both sets of Fibonacci levels are plotted against upward swings, we could conclude that a bounce off of this level is more likely than a break down through it.

This trade would have worked on both the 60 and 15 minute charts. The greater the time frame, the longer the position is open, as the levels are further away from the entry, so we decide which chart to use based on how long we want to be in the position. The last two examples consisted of overlapping Fibonacci levels which had been plotted in different time frames. Next, we will look at overlapping Fibonacci levels that are found in the same time frame. It is generally easier to find these overlapping Fibonacci levels on intraday charts such as the 5, 15, or 60 minute charts, as the swings are over much shorter time spans.

The high and low of the swing are circled. There is a rectangle drawn around the The price of the This is a process of trial an error.

There are quite a few peaks on the chart and we simply try each one until we discover an overlapping Fibonacci retracement level. The high and low of this swing is circled. There is a rectangle around both the As stated earlier, two Fibonacci levels only need to be within 10 pips of each other to be considered overlapping, but the closer they are the better. If the price action begins to retrace back upwards, we will expect a bounce off the.

This bounce is consistent with the trend and the Fibonacci analysis. Another example. The circles indicate the high and the low of the swing and the rectangle highlights the overlapping As the price action is moving up, we expect the overlapping Fibonacci level to act as a support. They are useful for identifying strong Fibonacci retracement levels. In the following two sections, we are going to look specifically at some overlapping Fibonacci levels that determine key end of day and intraday Fibonacci retracement levels.

Important end of day Fibonacci levels End of day traders enter positions that typically run between three and ten days. Because of this, they spend the majority of their time analysing larger time frames such as daily and 4 hour charts. It is on these charts that they look for overlapping Fibonacci retracement levels. Therefore, important end of day Fibonacci retracement levels are levels that overlap on the daily and 4 hour charts. As shown by the circles, the high of the downward swing took place on 1 December , while the low took place on 31 December It has a price of.

The downward swing used here took place between 11 January and 2 February We therefore, could expect this level to be very significant. As the general flow of the price action is down on both charts, end of day traders would be anticipating a bounce off around. The overlapping levels, and the reaction of the price action to them, are highlighted with a rectangle. An end of day trader would have waited for this level to be hit, then entered a short position with the understanding that the trade would be active for about a week.

Both possible targets are very close together, in which case it is common to use the more conservative target to exit the market. Remember, later in the chapter we will to go through two Fibonacci strategies thoroughly. The purpose of discussing the trade target now is to begin to train our minds to think methodically about Fibonacci retracement levels. Important intraday Fibonacci levels The process of identifying key intraday Fibonacci levels is the same as that of identifying key end of day Fibonacci levels, except the 1 hour and 15 minute charts are used instead of the daily and 4 hour charts.

Intraday trading involves entering and exiting the market in the same day. This is not to say that some intraday trades do not run into the following day. In foreign exchange there are several days in a day! By that I mean that a person living and trading in the Australia time frame will have a different day than someone living and trading in the UK time zone.

The UK time zone is considered to be the standard time zone because London is known as the foreign exchange capital of the world. In this section, we will look at identifying key intraday Fibonacci retracement levels by finding levels that overlap on the 1 hour and 15 minute charts. The circles highlight the high and low of the upward swing and the rectangle is drawn around the Intraday traders who use the overlapping Fibonacci retracement technique regularly scan 1 hour and 15 minute charts of currencies that they are familiar with.

Once they find these overlapping levels, they wait patiently for the price action to hit them and then enter trades in the direction of the Fibonacci swings that overlap. Entry and Exit Strategies In this chapter, we first learned that Fibonacci retracement levels reveal hidden levels of support and resistance.

We explored the five Fibonacci retracement levels and discovered the difference between major and minor Fibonacci levels. We then looked at the power of overlapping Fibonacci retracement levels and found out how to use them to identify key end of day and intraday prices. In the final part of this chapter we will learn two specific Fibonacci trading strategies: Fibonacci bounce strategy Fibonacci break strategy 1.

Fibonacci bounce strategy We have already identified that the The Fibonacci bounce strategy recognises this.

The goal of this strategy is to catch the move as the price action bounces off the The expected direction of the price swing determines whether we enter long or short position. If the swing is up, then we consider only long positions. If the swing is down, then we consider only short positions. Entry Figure 3. The high and low of the swing is circled and the The chart shows that the price action is currently making its way up towards the If the price gets there, we would expect it to bounce.

We enter the moment that the candlestick that first touches the If the candlestick that first touches the We are not concerned, however, if the price action goes above the The dotted line represents the exact entry price. Identify the Wait for the price action to retrace to the Enter as the candlestick that touches the Exit — Risk Now that we know our entry, we need to identify where our stop loss should be placed.

Here we have two options. The first, more aggressive, option is to place the stop loss 5 pips above the If this were a long trade then the stop loss would be 5 pips below this level. The dotted line in Figure 3. The stop loss is above this level because we are going short. For a long trade, the stop loss would be 5 pips below this level. Either option is fine. The right one to use will ultimately be decided by the psychological make up of each trader.

The trader who uses option one, will win less trades but have larger wins relative to their risk, while the trader who uses option two will win more trades but have smaller wins relative to their risk. Exit — Target At this point we know where and when to enter the trade and also where our stop loss should be. The next step is to determine where to place the target. The target for the Fibonacci bounce trade is the When the price action reaches this level, we simply take profit.

The entry, two alternative stop losses and target are each shown with a dotted line. In this case, taking a greater risk of being stopped out, led to a greater reward relative to the risk. As in the first example, the high and low of the swings are circled and the This tells us immediately that we should only look for long positions.

The dotted line represents the exact entry level at the close of the candlestick. The aggressive stop loss is placed 5 pips beneath the In summary, the Fibonacci bounce strategy triggers when a candlestick of the price action touches the The two options in terms of the stop loss location are, aggressively: 5 pips above the The target for this strategy is always the Fibonacci break strategy In the Fibonacci break strategy we want to profit from the move of the price action after it breaks through the The most difficult thing about this strategy is remembering that the Fibonacci retracement levels used to determine the entry and the exit are drawn on a swing that is counter to the general direction of the price action.

The first image in this example is zoomed out a considerable distance to show the visual flow of the price action, which, in this scenario, is up. The high and low of our chosen downward swing are highlighted with circles. This is the level that will ultimately define our entry. The exact entry of the trade occurs when a candlestick crosses above the This is the earliest indication that the downward swing, used to plot the Fibonacci retracement levels, has broken down and the dominant upward pressure of the price action is taking over again.

In summary, the five steps to entering the Fibonacci break trade are: Confirm the general direction of the price action to determine the potential long or short position. Plot the Fibonacci retracement levels on a swing counter to the general direction of the price action. Wait for a candlestick to break through the Enter as the candlestick that broke through the The first option is to place the stop loss 5 pips below the This is a similar approach to the aggressive stop loss placement in the Fibonacci bounce strategy.

The benefit of placing our stop loss here is that our reward to risk ratio is favourable — we are risking a small number of pips for the reward of a relatively large number of pips. As we have said before, the best option is dependent on the psychological makeup of the trader. Exit — Target We now know where and when to enter the trade and we also know where our stop loss is. There are three ways to target this trade. The first two involve targeting specific Fibonacci retracement levels while the third requires a small amount of trade management.

The first way to target the trade is to take profit at the We have discussed the importance of this level throughout this chapter and now understand that the price action is likely to have some form of reaction upon reaching this level.

Again, this is due to the large number of institutional traders who consider this level significant, therefore causing the price action to respond to it. Taking profit here is considered the most conservative target of the three. This is more risky as it depends on the price action retracing all the way back to the high of the swing. When the price action hits the This way, if the price action bounces off of the If, however, the price action continues beyond the The dotted line shows the new stop loss level at the breakeven point.

If we had targeted this trade according to option two as shown in Figure 3. Some may wonder why we would ever choose option three over option two. The reason is that the foreign exchange market can be volatile. By choosing not to move the stop loss to breakeven, as in option three, we protect ourselves against that possibility. This time we will be looking at a short setup. This tells us that we are looking for short setups.

Next, we identify a swing that is counter to the visual flow of the price action to use to plot our Fibonacci retracement levels. The high and low of the upward swing to be used in this example are circled in Figure 3.

Once it gets there we need a candlestick to penetrate it and then close beneath it. The image has been zoomed in to show the exact entry, represented by the dotted line. Now that the entry has been decided, we can look at each stop loss option. The price of the entry can also be a factor when determining your stop loss.

If, for instance, the entry to the trade is very close to the If, however, the close of the candlestick that breaks the We consider this to be more aggressive as we are trying to capture almost double the number of pips. If we had targeted conservatively, we would now be out of the trade, having banked our profit once the price action hit the If we decided to use the breakeven stop loss target option as shown in Figure 3. Given that there are two options for stop loss placement, and three different ways to target this style of trade, there are several possible combinations.

As you trade this strategy consistently and become more familiar with it, you will find the style that suits your personality. Key 3 Summary Fibonacci retracement levels provide an invaluable key to trading the foreign exchange market profitably. They are used by private and institutional traders all over the world to identify potential trading opportunities.

Having read this chapter, you should now know the five main Fibonacci retracement levels and which two are most commonly used. We also know the difference between major and minor Fibonacci retracement levels and how to identify significant end of day and intraday levels by discovering overlapping levels.

Most importantly, we should be able to execute profitable trades using these Fibonacci levels. Key 4. Symmetrical Triangles Like the three keys that we have already discussed, symmetrical triangles can be used to identify highly successful trading opportunities based on specific patterns in the price action.

The Theory Primary strength: clear message — indecision A symmetrical triangle can be like a family get together. Once the family comes together, someone needs to decide what everyone should do. At some point, someone is likely to suggest going out for dinner. Normally everyone agrees to a suggestion like this. The question that arises next, however, is not so easy to answer.

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Get Book. Skip to content. He believes in making trading accessible to anyone willing to commit the time and effort needed to master this market and has personally mentored hundreds of new traders.

Released on But FX does not have to be traded that way - fusing the two types of analysis will improve your research and, more importantly, your trading results. This is how Kathleen Brooks trades foreign exchange and she has found it to be extremely successful. In Kathleen Brooks on Forex she reveals the secrets of this approach, demonstrating the indicators she uses, and showing through detailed examples how she plans and executes profitable trades.

At the heart of Kathleen's trading philosophy is the principle that fundamental factors - politics, economics and societal changes - cause currency prices to move in the medium to long term and sometimes in the strangest ways , but throughout the day the price movements are based upon technical factors. Building a trading plan around the two sets of factors works for her and by reading about how she does her pre-trade market analysis the homework , forms a trading plan and puts the plan into action, you will see how to apply this principle in practice in your own trading.

The book is divided into four sections: - Part A - using fundamental indicators to gain an impression of the market - Part B - using technical indicators to refine your trading plan - Part C - fusing fundamental and technical analysis to select trades - Part D - revealing Kathleen's risk management techniques Kathleen's description of her method, and ideas on how you can use it too, will appeal to anyone who wants to learn more about how to trade foreign exchange as well as those already in the market looking for a fresh approach.

Blissfully free of rhetoric, written in an accessible personal style and punctuated with anecdotes from Kathleen's unique career in the markets, this is a new and refreshing look at foreign exchange. This new edition contains even more essential content than before: more vital tips, more key facts, more ideas, more insights, more real-life tales, and a lot more toast.

The project was a huge success, the rules provided by the contributors were fascinating, insightful and entertaining, and for the first time the book pooled together collected wisdom of of the world's greatest traders in one place. One of the many strengths of the rules that were written for and included in the original publication was their timeless quality - these gems of investing and trading wisdom apply to a range of markets across a spread of time periods and are not confined to one market or one set of circumstances.

And so it is that the decision was made to republish the original rules in a more condensed form and in a new format. In this eBook you will find just that; 80 sets of trading rules from expert international traders.

As with the original publication, these rules provide condensed knowledge from experts about what they consider to the key determinants of trading success. You will notice that the experts do not agree, this is intentional as trading is a diverse and conflicting pursuit, and you will notice that the rules are not comprehensive, this is also intentional, as this is a reference guide to be dipped into and to encourage you to take up further reading elsewhere on subjects that appeal to you.

Traders of all experience levels will find these rules useful in clarifying aspects of their trading approach. The original publication of rules is also available as an eBook, from all good online retailers. Packed with exclusive content, it reveals one of master trader Adrian Manz's best trading strategies.

The patterns in this book spell opportunity: when applied correctly, the system can be the cornerstone of a profitable trading business. The trade secret at the heart of the book is the expansion-of-range-and-volume set-up. For the first time ever it is explored in full and intricate detail: revealing how and why it works, and demonstrating its utility for day, swing, and position traders.

This strategy is portable. It is applicable to multiple time compressions. It is consistently profitable. It is, in other words, not merely a good strategy - but a great one.

No one looking to make a living in the markets can afford to be without this handbook to identifying the opportunities it presents and executing them flawlessly.

Author : Alpesh B. The authors have taken data from the daily trades of hundreds of traders over a five-year period - tens of thousands of trades. Then they analysed it. This analysis has allowed them to answer the following questions: - Which clients win and lose? What are their characteristics?

What does success look like? What puts someone in the top 10 of spread betters? What are they doing right? That is what this book teaches. The book is packed with hardcore insider data - taken from other traders and the authors' own trades - all carefully dissected to provide you with the answers you need to succeed.

As insiders, the authors' aim is to show you how to beat the market. They now it can be done because they know the winners who do it. In this book, they show you how to do it. This book also explores the relationship between sports and trading success - making it the perfect book for any sports fan who's ever wondered whether they could make a go of it in the markets. Lee Sandford spent 17 years as a professional footballer, playing for Portsmouth, Stoke City, Sheffield United and Reading.

He entered another fiercely competitive world: the stock market. Goals to Gold tells the story of his days as a footballer and subsequent time as a trader, laying bare the sobering facts of a life scattered with huge achievements, near misses and big disappointments. Part exploration of the unseen side of football and part introduction to financial trading, it shows how the important qualities in football and trading alike are hard work, determination, patience and sticking to your strategy even when the studs-up tackles are flying.

Packed with real-life, behind-the-scenes stories involving promotion, relegation and trophies in football and trading through booms and busts in the markets, Goals to Gold is a gripping and revealing read - perfect for football fan and trader alike. Patel - David Paul - John Piper - Malcolm Pryor - David Rogerson Discover the spread betting rules of a host of top financial markets trading experts. With the vast amount of information available on spread betting - whether in books, magazines, online, in videos or seminars and events - it's not easy to know where to start: How do you know who to listen to and what are the key lessons and tactics to take on board?

To help newcomers and experienced spread bettors, Harriman House has compiled this collection of essential spread betting rules - or top tips - from expert traders. The contributors are varied; including bestselling authors, education specialists, key figures at spread betting firms and technical analysts.

What they all have in common a knowledge of what is required for spread betting success and real life experience of trading the markets. In this book experts share what they consider to be the ten most important pieces of guidance that will help spread bettors to improve their profitability.

You will see that some of the experts agree on certain points, which is perhaps to be expected, but you will also notice that occasionally some of the rules contradict each other, which is possibly more surprising.

The rules here are not intended to be picked up and all followed to the letter - there is no single correct approach to spread betting, or indeed any trading method. It is important to research the various ways others have been successful and then go on to find out what works best for you. This concise book gives you an excellent head start so that you can build on what winning spread bettors are already doing. Study these rules from the best of the best and then develop your own as you take your own steps towards spread betting success.

Author : Michael W. No one can guarantee the yellow brick road, but Michael Covel promises the red pill will leave you wide freaking awake. Trend Following reveals the truth about a trading strategy that makes money in up, down and surprise markets. By applying straightforward and repeatable rules, anyone can learn to make money in the markets whether bull, bear, or black swan—by following the trend to the end when it bends.

In this timely reboot of his bestselling classic, Michael Covel dives headfirst into trend following strategy to examine the risks, benefits, people, and systems. Using incontrovertible data and overwhelming supporting evidence, with a direct connection to the foundations of behavioral finance, Covel takes you inside the core principles of trend following and shows everyone, from brand new trader to professional, how alpha gets pulled from the market.

Meet great trend followers learning their rules and philosophy of the game Examine data to see how trend following excels when the you-know-what hits the fan Understand trend trading, from behavioral economics to rules based decision-making to its lambasting of the efficient markets theory Compare trend trading systems to do it yourself or invest with a trend fund Trend following is not prediction, passive index investing, buy and hope or any form of fundamental analysis.

It utilizes concrete rules, or heuristics, to profit from a behavioral perspective. Trend Following is clear-cut, straightforward and evidence-based and will secure your financial future in bull, bear and black swan markets.

Ben Robson provides the knowledge and techniques you need to build a solid understanding of the market, all presented in an engaging narrative analyzing the techniques of the geniuses who have made billions in Forex.

Robson explains how to beat the market by leveraging long-term trends, how whipsawing markets make trend following more difficult, how to drive profitability by writing strangles and straddles, and how to use arbitrage like a pro. He also reveals who stands to profit from your failure, how these people prey on the gullible, and sure-fire ways of avoiding their traps and snares.

4 Keys To Profitable Forex Trend Trading: Unlocking The Profit Potential Of Trending Currency Pairs,

with this book, 4 Keys to Profitable Forex Trend Trading. Key 1 Even if you have never drawn a trend line before, this manual will show you a simple strategy for how to draw simple trend with this book, 4 Keys to Profitable Forex Trend Trading. Key 1 Even if you have never drawn a trend line before, this manual will show you a simple strategy for how to draw simple trend 23/3/ · 4-keys-to-profitable-forex-trend-trading-pdf-download 1/1 Downloaded from blogger.com on March 23, by guest Download 4 Keys To Profitable It is your extremely own period to perform reviewing habit. among guides you could enjoy now is 4 keys to profitable forex trend trading pdf download below. 17 Proven Currency Trading Strategies Mario Singh A comprehensive guide to Forex trading for individualinvestors Countless 4/3/ · Trading Rules:support and resistance trading strategy pdfCompilation 7 wie wird man als rapper erfolgreich From Ivaylo Ivanov 4 keys to profitable forex trend trading pdf download. My real-money portfolio and teaching you how to how to make extra money stay at home mom 4 keys to profitable forex trend trading pdf download an effective weekly system It is your extremely own period to perform reviewing habit. among guides you could enjoy now is 4 keys to profitable forex trend trading pdf download below. 17 Proven Currency Trading ... read more

BOOK Laboratory Manual and Workbook for Biological Anthropology: Engaging with Human Evolution K Elizabeth Soluri. Channels Channel trading is a highly profitable way to trade the foreign exchange market. Keep projecting these rays until you find the line that has the most touches with the price action over the longest period of time. Channel break strategy The purpose of the channel break strategy is similar to that of the channel bounce strategy but it goes about it in a slightly different way. Search this site. Trend Lines A trend line is one of the most commonly used tools in technical analysis. Defining the standard, breakdown and overextend zones brings further clarity and objectivity.

And notice the presence of a disagreeing minor channel here - a required feature of the channel break strategy. Everyone starts getting hungry until eventually someone speaks up and makes the decision. A busy chart causes confusion and ultimately frustration. com First published in Great Britain in Copyright 4 keys to profitable forex trend trading pdf download Harriman House The right of Christopher Weaver to be identified as the Author has been asserted in accordance with the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act No responsibility for loss occasioned to any person or corporate body acting or refraining to act as a result of reading material in this book can be accepted by the Publisher, by the Author, or by the employer s of the Author. Price action in this zone would indicate the trend is coming to an end. Notice how the stop loss level also happens to be a level of support.